Samsung GM85

The new Samsung GM85 provides exceptional mobility, enhanced user-convenience and a high image quality to meet the demands of today’s radiographers and radiologists. The small footprint of GM85 improves user convenience when moving through narrow hallways and being positioned in tight patient rooms. Its light weight enables easy navigation and allows users to get on elevators with the device safely and comfortably. Collapsible column enables safe navigation by securing a clear view. Light Pressure on the handle is enough to control the speed of the device easily. The sensor on the front bumper automatically stops the device with a short braking distance.

Categories DR, X-Ray Equipment
Specialties Hospital

Technical Specifications for Samsung GM85

Column TypeCollapsible
Column HeightMin. 1,396 mm / Max 2,152 mm
SIZE (W (cm) x L (cm) x H (cm))55.5 x 125.8 x 139.6
Weight (kg)349
Tube Reach (cm)79.3 ~ 135.5 (Center of column to Focal spot)
Focal Spot Range (cm)55 - 203
Column Rotation±315°
Tube Rotation (arm axis)±180°
Tube Rotation (tube axis+90° ~ -30°

Type AType B
Power (kW)3240
kVp40 ~ 150 (1 kV step)40 ~ 150 (1 kV step)
mA10 ~ 50010 ~ 500
mAs0.1 ~ 5000.1 ~ 500
Exposure time rangeFrom 1 ms to 10 secondsFrom 1 ms to 10 seconds
Exposure Parameter Setting @Max. Power Rating49 kV 400 mA
64 kV 500 mA
80 kV 400 mA
100 kV 320 mA
128 kV 250 mA
150 kV 200 mA
49 kV 400 mA
80 kV 500 mA
100 kV 400 mA
125 kV 320 mA
150 kV 250 mA
Generator frequency*30 kHz / 50 kHz30 kHz / 50 kHz
* Depending on the HVG type

Nominal Tube Voltage (kVp)150
Heat Capacity (kHU)300
Anode Angle14°
Focal Spot (mm)0.6 / 1.2
Anode Speedmin. 3,200/min (60 Hz)
X-ray heat storage capacity of tube1,056 kHU (750 kJ)